About Us

Majestic Window Cleaning is a premier cleaning service based in Fleetwood. We understand the pressure of today’s work – life balance, and believe that maintaining your property should be kept as simple as possible. Here at Majestic, we are happy to provide that service whilst achieving the very best standards possible, first time, every time.
At Majestic, we perform all our cleaning services from the safety of the ground with our vehicle mounted Systems.
Firstly, the water we use is purified using our state of the art resin filtration delivery system which is transported in large water tanks in our van. Using this water, we pump it directly up our telescopic poles with brush heads at the ends. The dirt is scrubbed from your frames, glass and sills, then the windows are rinsed and left to dry naturally – as the water is pure, it dries without leaving any marks. NO more dirty water or cloths that have been used on previous homes.
By using this method, we can reach and clean areas that traditional window cleaners cannot. Including low level pitched roofs and above conservatories.